Which Benefits Does the Use of Custom T-Shirts Have in Corporate Promotion?

I’m a sucker for custom shirts. I enjoy the process of deciding on the fabrics, getting into good shape by my tailor, Jean Paul, and wearing a final product. They fit perfectly and I feel happy when I wear them. I buy 4 to 6 shirts per year and I take really good proper them. In doing so, they be very durable. If I battle with one (i.e. tight fit if the gym requires a back seat), I can get back to my tailor and that he can modify them. Custom shirts are expensive. Are they worth the cost? Yes, but expensive just the same. When I stumbled on an online custom shirt company, I simply had to do it. Once I become a ‘member’, I had a choice of setting up most of my physical parameters including height, weight, sized t-shirt I wear, build, et cetera along with their smart software could calculate my ‘perfect fit’ shirt size. Alternatively, I could want to take a compilation of body measurements (which has a tailors’ tape measure they sent me) to generate my custom shirt size. Once done, I simply selected my fabric, buttons, collar, cuff and placket style and my first shirt was made. Upon delivery, I was quite impressed, and I now own approximately several of those shirts that are half of the expense of my typical tailor-made custom shirts. Do they fit exactly like my tailor-made custom shirts? No. Are the stitching details a similar? No. Are they hand-made? No. Will they last as long? Probably not.

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However, I still enjoy wearing these shirts a lot more than ones purchased from the rack. I wear my tailor-made custom t shirts daily to operate and to events and my online custom shirts are relegated to casual wear – on weekends, to my son’s hockey games, et cetera. What are the risks and potential consequences of me purchasing these custom shirts online? Certainly, an example may be that I might not love the shirt when it arrives. In that case, it has a spot deep in my closet. Another is that I have more shirts. On a weekly basis I am reminded by my spouse who asks, “Why do you require numerous shirts?”, but that’s another story. Perhaps I am also taking away work from local manufacturing. Lastly, if I battle with a shirt, I usually stop toting and donate it to your shelter. In the end, the danger is economic there is however not an inherent health risks associated with my habit.


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